A Journey of Taste & Celebration,
Perfect for Every Memorable Moment

We Bring the True Flavours of Borneo to You

DUi Group presents DUi Tuak by Vivienna Alfred Ventures, a family-owned company where a mother’s passion and a daughter’s craftsmanship come together to create exceptional wines. As a premier winery, DUi takes pride in producing exquisite vintages that captivate the senses and leave a lasting impression. With a rich heritage, our dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability sets us apart in the industry.

From paddy to bottle, every stage of our tuak-making process is meticulously guided by our team, guaranteeing that every sip encapsulates the spirit of our fields and mirrors the distinctiveness of our traditional tuak. Whether you're an experienced tuak enthusiast or an inquisitive explorer, come and be a part of an expedition of revelation as you delve into our collection.

DUi Tuak, introducing tuak (Sarawak wine) on a new level on-trend fashion!

A Symbol of Heritage & Tradition in a Bottle.

DUi is a word derived from Kayan native spoken by the Orang Ulu tribe in Sarawak which means 'drink'.

Traditionally-fermented using family's recipe, DUi is inspired by a real-life story of devoted grandmother, mother & daughter whom mission is to keep continuing the legacy of ‘tuak’ from Sarawak.

With deep respect for tradition & desire to innovate, DUi is a symbol of heritage & legacy in a bottle; set out to create wines that would rival the best in the world. Naturally handcrafted, offering unique & significant taste in every sip as you indulge our exquisite natural artisan wine. With a twist of modern yet timelessness, DUi is suitable for every occasion.

Well now, grab a glass & have a #DUiwithUs .

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