DuiTuak | Natural Artisan Wine | A product of Sarawak

A Journey of Taste & Celebration.
DUi Tuak, re-introducing Sarawak Wine.

A family-owned company with 3 generations of women artisans, offers premium handcrafted tuak. Combining tradition with modern innovation and a commitment to quality and sustainability, DUi Tuak provides an exceptional experience for both wine enthusiasts and curious explorers.

From Borneo, for the World

DUi is a language derived from Kayan native spoken by Orang Ulu ethnic in Sarawak which translates to drink. 

From paddy & plantation to bottle, every stage of our tuak-making process is meticulously guided by our team, guaranteeing that every sip encapsulates the spirit of our fields and mirrors the distinctiveness of our traditional tuak. Whether you’re an experienced tuak enthusiast or an inquisitive explorer, come and be a part of an expedition of revelation as you delve into our collection.

The Making of Tuak

Months of Harvesting

Years of R&D

Pre-Orders before Launch


Our Tuak

Most Recommended​

Pineapple Tuak

As we take pride in the quality of our tuak making, all our seasonal tuak are all made with natural-harvested ingredients. Evoke a sense of taste with mild acidity that lends a refreshing quality to the overall drinking experience.


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Roselle Tuak

Proudly presents Most Favourite, our Roselle Tuak offers a floral note intertwined with savoury undertone creating a unique taste experience.


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The Original Tuak

A sophisticated re-make of traditional tuak, our Original Tuak offers a subtle complexity featuring a refined taste of rice & a gentle sweetness aftertaste.


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Seasonal Tuak

Discover the essence of tradition with DUi Group’s Seasonal Tuak by Vivienna Alfred Ventures. This family-owned winery blends a mother’s passion and a daughter’s craftsmanship to create exquisite Sarawak wine. Each bottle is a testament to our dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability, capturing the spirit of our fields in every sip.

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