To The Women That Made It All Possible For Dui Tuak!

Bang Laeng is a woman from Sarawak who played a significant role in creating rice wine, initially intended as a family drink. Over the years, her rice wine recipe became a cherished family tradition, passed down through generations. However, her legacy didn't remain confined within her family, as her granddaughter, Vivienna, decided to share Bang Laeng's special recipe with the world. To honour one of her grandmother's contribution to the family and local culture, Vivienna founded a company called "Dui Tuak." The name "Dui Tuak" is a tribute to her grandmother and the authentic rice wine she crafted. Vivienna's company sought to preserve the traditional methods and flavors of Bang Laeng's rice wine while introducing it to a broader audience beyond Sarawak. Through Dui Tuak, Vivienna aimed to spread the unique taste and cultural significance of her grandmother's rice wine recipe, allowing people from different parts of the world to experience the rich heritage and flavors of Sarawak.

From paddy to bottle, every stage of our tuak-making process is meticulously guided by our team, guaranteeing that every sip encapsulates the spirit of our fields and mirrors the distinctiveness of our traditional tuak. Whether you're an experienced tuak enthusiast or an inquisitive explorer, come and be a part of an expedition of revelation as you delve into our collection.


Months of Havesting
Years of R&D
Pre-Orders before Launch

Vivienna Alfred

Managing Director

Vivienna Alfred is a public figure, TV Personality, a former beauty queen. With 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Vivienna has developed a multifaceted skill set that encompasses aspects of sharp organising a plan, maintain professionalism while networking with clients from different areas of expertise. She moved from Sarawak to Kuala Lumpur at the age of 18 with a dream to pursue entertainment and start her own path. Her independency since young age has developed her character & mindset into a charismatic, elegance & confidence lady who once was lost in the city of Twin Towers.

Being in the beauty pageant, youngsters definitely look up to her as a role model. Taking a step back from the hectic entertainment world, Vivienna spend most of her time running her duty as the President of Paint The World Malaysia, an NGO advocating for children education. As a public figure, networking event is her opportunity to learn & stay updated with the latest advancements in business & any industry.

Rosalind Mujan

Production Manager

Rosalind Mujan is a devoted, most hardworking & loving woman you'll love instantly. Served 32 years of her life as government servant in the healthcare & medical industry as a nurse & retired as a Matron. Nurse, naturally just have this dedicated & angelic aura which shown through her patience in constantly making, learning & creating Sarawak wine that feels proud to drink.

Of course, we could not think of a better person who would be spotless in the production area and ensuring everyone maintain & practice hygienic surrounding throughout any process. It was her interest in winemaking 2 years ago that made everyone finally realizing that if no one continue this tradition, our culture will slowly be forgotten.

Vincent Mallang

Public Relations Executive

Vincent Mallang - is known as 'Rentap' a masculine Sarawakian warrior but not actually a warrior - metaphorically speaking. He is a certified experienced fitness coach & founder Bornean Wolves Studio & a businessman. Graduated Diploma in Electronic Engineering (Computer), Vincent has always known that building his own business through fitness industry is his dream by helping people with their fitness & healthy lifestyle. Played the main character as 'Rentap' in 'Perangsang Rentap', Vincent is indeed a man of many talent.

With his experience being in the business industry & in front of camera, meeting a lot of people in his daily life, Vincent is a natural when it comes to socialising & making others comfortable around any environment. Responsible for potential network & connection for the company, Vincent has this aura that makes it easy for people to click with him instantly.

Kyle Nimbar

Senior Sales Executive

Kyle Nimbar, a natural-borne salesman. Kyle graduated Diploma in Business Studies (UiTM).

With years of experience, Kyle is definitely the kind of salesman that doesn't have to try so hard to make you surrender your credit card. Since University years, he started a lot of side businesses to support his study & just because he enjoys making money.

During the pandemic, when the whole World collapse economically - Kyle hit a record by selling 4 cars weekly, making him the top salesman from Sarawak to achieved the target after awhile.

Apparel business, car wash business, food stall, you name it. His humble journey from the bottom definitely shaped him into a leader salesman that he is today.

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